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In this lace scarf, I've taken half the design from the "Muir" shawl in the current The design forms peaks which stand out from the scarf (that's the darker parts) and is made using elann alpaca/merino laceweight yarn, the shade is aubergine. It's an easy pattern and grows quickly on 4mm needles.

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That looks fantastic Kerry.

That looks fantastic Kerry. I saw that shawl on too and it certainly caught my eye. Can't wait to see it close up. Kerry is the edging you've done you're own creation or was that part of the shawl pattern?

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That looks really

That looks really interesting! Excellent work. I am going to have to give that a try if I can figure it out.

Off to Knitty to check out that pattern.


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I love that! I think the

I love that! I think the little peaks are fun.

WOW! There are some many


There are some many things I want to learn......

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One of the things I like

One of the things I like about (most) stole designs is that they are usually very easily adapted to other projects - such as scarves, afghans, baby blankets. It all depends on what yarn you use and what size needles - then you just add or subtract some repeats.

Kerry - your work makes me feel like a fumble-fingerd klutz! Beautiful as always.
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Kerry, that is really

Kerry, that is really lovely. Please show it to us when it's blocked! I think your lace work is wonderful - well done! Jesse