Ravelry - Count Down

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Just 886 people ahead of me...Why am I so excited about this? I don't have a huge stash to inventory, nor pictures of all my FO's to catalog but despite that I'm really looking forward to gaining access to this site. Am i setting myself up for a huge let-down?


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woohoo!! I made it in...

woohoo!! I made it in... now, to try and navigate around on dial-up... hmmm...

Grace and Peace,

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glad you're in!!! under what

glad you're in!!!
under what name?
...I can't find you...

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my username on Ravelry is

my username on Ravelry is the same as here: teejtc

I'm just trying to get the hang of the whole thing. It's awful slow, of course, since I live int he MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (i.e. stuck on dial-up). Oh well. It's kind-a fun though. I guess being something of a MWK and facebook junkie, I'm not certain how much I'll get "into" ravelry. We'll see.

Grace and peace,

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19,415 are ahead of

19,415 are ahead of me.

unfortunately patience is not one of the virtues I am blessed with.

I'll just have to distract myself with more knitting!

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

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I have 19,723 people in

I have 19,723 people in front of me. According to Kyle's manner of guesstimating, I may get in around the end of next February. I'm not going to think about that now.

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from what I can see (on the

from what I can see (on the inside) I don't think it'll be THAT long before the site is totally up and open to everyone instantly... another month or two - they got their servers, etc. and they're getting it all ready - when it's a "go" they'll slowly open the floodgates for everyone.... it's definately worth the wait, and if anyone hasn't signed up, please do sign up - at www.ravelry.com to at least get in line :)



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What is Ravelry?

What is Ravelry?

What's Ravelry? heheh...

What's Ravelry? heheh... check out http://www.ravelry.com for screenshots and such. It's still not open to the public yet but they currently have a waiting list. Be careful tho. Apparently once you get in you can get pretty hooked on the place.

Basically it's a knitting site where you can organize your projects, needles, patterns, yarn, show off your projects, see other people's things, participate in groups... it's actually pretty cool. I find myself hopping on there once or twice a day to look for something or other.

gaynnyc, I don't think you're setting yourself up for a big letdown at all. It's pretty innovative.


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you're excited because once

you're excited because once Ravelry is part of your life, you'll wonder what it was like to not have ravelry around... it's amazing - it's great at organizing your projects and keeping track of everything knitting related you wanna know! I'd guess you'll be in by this time next week! :)



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Ravelry is GREAT

Ravelry is GREAT FUN!
...there are special interest groups which I didn't expect...
I've met knitters with opera and theatre interests...
specific designer interests... a Zimmerman group...
all talking about yarns and patterns...