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Hi everyone,
So i just knitted a nice chullo hat in acryllic Lionbrand Mohair like yarn in Apple green and an off white. I would just like to know how would I go about blocking such item? I have never blocked anything before because it's all been acryllic. So should I block it or just throw it in the washer and not worry. Because that's usually that's what I do with all my store bought acryllic knitwear and they turn out fine with no shrinking. Ok, just wanted to see what some more experienced knitters thought.

Plastic doesn't block. It's

Plastic doesn't block. It's gonna be what it's gonna be. I find knitting with acrylic almost harder than with any other fibre just because it has such a maddening memory. Remember, it's not a cellular being - it's strands of plastic spit out of a teeny little nozzle in one long strand. So, the knitter has to knit it a bit more carefully as to shaping and size.

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Mike.... I miss you and your

Mike.... I miss you and your infinite sense of humor but as always you give good advice.


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people keep saying "acrylic

people keep saying "acrylic doesn't block" - But I've never had any problems - in fact --have less "shrink back" with acrylic then I do with wool or alpaca.

But regardless of that - you *can* still do some wet shaping on it as it dries that will hold.

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toss it in the wahser washer

toss it in the wahser washer and see what happens - it won't shrink.

You *may* want to take the wet item and "shape it" slightly as it dries flat.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!