Sometimes knitting gets the best of us...

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Here's a video from an artist I like a whole lot. Her name is Camille and the song is called "Ta Douleur."

I think we can all identify with some of the conflict exhibited between her and her knitwear... Enjoy!


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Incredibly enjoyable -

Incredibly enjoyable - thanks for sharing it!

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Fabulous... visually,

Fabulous... visually, musically, and content-wise

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Great video! I have had

Great video! I have had numerous struggles with several sweaters in the past.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

What a cool Video, I want a dress like that, one that makes itself on you lol!

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great find! The dress at

great find! The dress at the end is kinda cool. This is totally my current project: rip, knit, rip, knit, dance a little, rip again. :P

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She sure has some static

She sure has some static issues!