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Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I could go for some good men's fingering weight sweater patterns? I'm in need of a challenge....obviously. What I'd like to find is something that has lots of cables or some other complexity and something that has a "modern" feel. I've written my own patterns in the past, and may have to do that again, if I can't find something suitable, but any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Have you looked at Knitting

Have you looked at Knitting in the Old Way? The learning curve's a little steep, but it will help you design your own patterns with a fairly gentle hand.

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Can you tell us more about

Can you tell us more about the book, please? I've got it on my wish list and would appreciate knowing more before I purchase it. Thanks!

Jaegar ply guage is 28 sts

Jaegar ply guage is 28 sts for 4" (i.e. 7 sts per inch)--the standard for 4 ply. 8 Sts per inch is 3ply a weigh used almost exclusively for baby clothes so getting a non-baby colour in this weight is very difficult.

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DROPS http://www.garnstudio.c

lots of free patterns - I believe the stitch count listed is for 4 inches/10cm

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Thanks for trying Rick, but

Thanks for trying Rick, but doubleknitting or 4 ply is typically a 5 stitches to the inch pattern. What I'm looking for is more like 7 or 8 stitches to the inch....much thinner yarn.

You need to get some older

You need to get some older vintage men's sweater patterns. I have purchased loads for very little money on Ebay (usually postage is more than the patterns). I would be happy to photocopy some of mine if you want. Let me know what you're looking for. Those from pre WWII period are almost all for fingering, since sport weight was "bulky" at the that time. I really would be happy to send some along, so don't hesitate to contact me if you want. I am in central Massachusetts (Worcester).

Check out the Jaegar pattern

Check out the Jaegar pattern books. There is oftentimes a men's pattern and most Jaegar patterns are for double-knitting or 4 ply. There is even a book Jaegar JB28 that has 16 designs by Martin Storey--many of them are for 4 ply. Hope this helps. If you need any further info don't hesitate to get back to me. Good luck .