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Sailing season has started; this means less time available for yours truly to knit. I do miss it, but I am out of the house early and home late, worn and washed from sun and sea. It has been almost a week since I put needle to yarn and what’s worse I am not sure where my needle case is. Personally I blame the needle gremlins. On the plus side sweetie bought me some lovely yarn from "Aussi Wools" in a dark green Mallard color. I am ready to start my vest except I have to roll the skeins. Every time I try to wind the yarn rebels and tries to run away. I will eventually get on it, but the yarn (worsted weight doubled) knits up quite nicely; it was suggested that I swatch for a large slightly shaped project. Off to look for my needle case and motivation. I put some of my more attractive yarns in a large vase on my coffee table; it is cheaper than flowers, looks good and is a constant source of encouragement. I also have two exceptionally nice balls of Alchemy Bamboo in the Dragon colorway that are crying for a nice project, I haven’t found it yet though. Suggestions?

Knitting (in mind if not in body) in the Bronx.


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What??? You don't have a

What??? You don't have a swift? Or a ballwinder??? I'm amazed -- those are basics!! Get a ballwinder at least; you'll never regret it.

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I'm sure it's the needle

I'm sure it's the needle gremlins, though they don't normally take motivation as well as needles.

hmmmmmm- what to do with two skeins of Alchemy bamboo?

Why not send them to the FingerLakes - I'm sure they would love it.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?