Knitting for Katrina survivors

 Hi guys

I have a couple of baby blankets that I knitted earlier this year & some cute Ann Norling hats. I want to donate them to the folks in need down south. I'm waiting to hear back from Americares as to where to send them. I can't be the only one among us who has finished and/or near finished projects that ould be of use.
If any of you want to support this please let me know and I will pass on the information as and when I get it.

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Darrel,If no one else will


If no one else will accept hand-made goods. then why not you? Or anyone else near to a place that needs clothing.? Cetainly some-one will take any effort of assistance. If you were to gather a substantial amount of anything, it could not be ignored. And if it were ignored or refused, then it would be an issue with the media. Personally, if I had lost everything I owned, even a pair of socks would be welcome, a sweater would be a gift from heaven. KNIT ON, and never fear anything

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My family is from New

My family is from New Orleans, although most have moved to the outlying areas. My grandmother lost her house, but just got a shiny new trailer (and a mortgage at 70). A lot of people gave her stuff to get her back on her feet. My mom says the Mississippi Gulf Coast is in shambles with lots of people living in tents. New Orleans is a mess with cars still piled on top of each other, it smells bad, etc. Things are coming together, but it's a slow process.

I could certainly talk to her or some of my other friends to see if they have any ways of distributing things. I'm sure they do... Locals aren't afraid of lawsuits, they just want to help people and lots of people need help.

Likewise, I see indigenous families everyday begging for change here in Mexico. I'm sure they would appreciate some knitted goods, too. I'm not certain, but those little pads of leather used as sandals can't be doing much to keep their feet warm during winter.

Let me know how I can help! I'm certainly willing to do some legwork for my fellow man.

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Here's a link to Bundle Up

Here's a link to Bundle Up New Orleans, which is a project started by the NO Knitting Meetup group
 to provide knitwear for Katrina victims. They want items that are easy care (machine washable) & the details are on the web page.

Knit away, knit awaA guy

Knit away, knit awa

A guy has paid for 12 trucks to be filled with donations outside Lincoln Center. He has arranged for them to be driven to Baton Rouge. so I will take my knitted items there tomorrow on the way to work.

Nor does the Red Cross. I am

Nor does the Red Cross. I am at a complete loss. Hopefully, in the next few days sites will emerge needing supplies.
The Red Cross makes a good point on their website as to why they don' t accept handmade goods. However, I still want to donate my knitted goods!

Knit away, knit away

Americares do not accept any

Americares do not accept any homemade goods!
 I'll keep looking

Knit away, knit away

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As a distraught New Orleans

As a distraught New Orleans native, thanks for suggesting this.  I created a "Charity" message forum to post information on how we can knit for this and other causes in the future.  Please post the info there when you hear back from them!