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I've been a lurker here, but thought I'd write a quick HEY. I'm a knitter from Vermont, a children's book author and a teacher. I live with my partner of 16 years, 6 chickens and way too much yarn.

Several projects are next to the couch - a knitted teddy-bear on 2 circulars, a mohair scarf, merino mittens and a mohair shawl. I've been felting a lot, too.

Just ordered some Bagdad Blue from Peace Fleece and plan to make a hat for a friend. I've been knitting a lot since the war began.

Glad to be here!


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Heya, and welcome! It's

Heya, and welcome! It's always cool to see people introduce themselves. :)

And I have too much yarn too, according to my partner. But it was his mother who gave the biggest chunk of it to us! :D

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LOL my partner is the same

LOL my partner is the same way... he always wants my skull caps when I finish them.

Visit my craft journal at http://david34.blogspot.com

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Welcome. Keep the knitting

Welcome. Keep the knitting going. It is such a creative outlet and so much delight to wear what we have made.


Welcome & enjoy meeting some

Welcome & enjoy meeting some new friends on line.

Knit away, knit away

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Glad you've emerged from

Glad you've emerged from lurkerland!

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Hey there, So glad you said

Hey there,

So glad you said something.....I just joined a while back and have really been enjoying the comments. It is great to have pretty normal guys knitting and talking about it and just sharing. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.....with my Canadian partner of 3 years. It is a great place, perfect in so many ways except the gay community. Everyone is either really freaky or closeted....or I have dated them and don't want to be there friend...LOL My partner doesn't knit but loves that I do. He gets all the stuff.

I'm kind of rambling...but just wanted to say Hi and glad you spoke up! Sincerely, Gabriel