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Hello Y'all

Long time reader, first time poster. My Girlfriend got me into knitting when she decided I needed a healthy and constructive outlet for my holiday stress this past Christmas; as such I have been knitting since 12/28/06. I have completed some projects (http://www.flickr.com/photos/13403465@N00/sets/72157594525789008/) and would love some feed-back.

I am currently working on my first sock, and I have strategic yarn reserves that I have been coached to call my "stash".

I am glad to be here.

Knitting in the Bronx

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There are some more

There are some more completed projects in the flicker account now. I am particularly proud of the laptop cover from "Never Knit..."

Happy spring it would seem

Bronx Knitter

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That March pint cozy looks

That March pint cozy looks great! The multicolored wave motifs really make the cozy interesting. Did you come up with the design yourself?

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Celowin, I followed


I followed (roughly) the pattern for the coffee cup cozy out of "...with balls". I took a basic "endless wave" pattern and with the help of some graph paper sketched out a 20 stitch by 20 stitch block with a two stitch per needle decrease half way down. It took some doing, but it was worth it. I used variegated yarns to make the waves, except for the bottom run which was a solid raspberry. Then grabbing my trusty number three DPN's (far more fragile than I think they are supposed to be) I cast on sixty stitches and off I went. I got it done in a day, complete with frogging down to the beginning when an early mistake led to later disaster (as it appeared in my mind; really it was not so bad)

I would suggest trying it out, it is easy enough and really makes things much more personal.

Good luck and happy knitting,

Bronx Knitter.

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You seem to be working your

You seem to be working your way thru Knitting with Balls at a good clip.

Once you finish that one you may want to look up Never Knit Your Man a Sweater

welcome to the group.

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

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Justin I have been working


I have been working from "Never Knit..." and completed the slip-stitch laptop cover a few weeks ago, it has yet to make the Flicker account.

I happen to like "Never Knit.." better than "..With Balls", the patterns don’t require tweaking or overly complex instructions from my ever patient knitting coach.

I am knitting a sock as we speak (or I would be but I left my knitting at home) and am looking for some summer projects. I think I have enough hats for right now.

Happy Pi Day to you all,

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I am always fond of

I am always fond of backpacks and messenger bags for long term projects, but have recently settled on on of the log cabin blankets in Mason Dixon Knitting as my big summer project. with a goal to have it done by fall.

It seems like all my friends are having kids, so I have a waiting list of baby blankets to do. This is a good quick pattern on size 50 with four strands of yarn.

And you can never have enough hats.

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

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Welcome Baker. Hope you

Welcome Baker. Hope you enjoy this group of dedicated and inspiring knitters. It's a great place to hang out, meet new friends, and further your, as well as everyone's, knitting experience.

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Greetings Baker, Welcome to

Greetings Baker,

Welcome to MWK.