Knitting Software?

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Does anyone have any experience with any knitting design software? I'm mainly looking for something to help with charting out color work for intarsia and fair isle.

I've found a neat little package that has a free demo, Stitch & Motif Maker, but $90 US seems kind of steep for what it does.

Does anyone know of any other options?

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You may want to try the

You may want to try the software at Go to the market and there are a couple of software packages listed there. I haven't tried any of them personally.

Eric, aka, Knitting Dragon

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It looks like the main

It looks like the main design software there is the same one that I found elsewhere. The graph paper program looks handy and inexpensive, though. I may give that one a try.

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Sorry. Pinot Grigio and

Sorry. Pinot Grigio and blogs don't mix.

Eric, aka, Knitting Dragon

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Should have had a nice

Should have had a nice rioja!

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More than one knitting

More than one knitting instructor has suggested Excel for making your own designs. Or you could just print out knitters graph paper and use markers or colored pencils.

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I know some people use Excel

I know some people use Excel -- they modify the cell size to be the correct proportion for knitting; then use cell format to paint in the colours. It's a bit tedious; but if you already have Excel . . .

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That is a great idea. While

That is a great idea. While certainly not ideal, it would be a way for me to test out and see if I have any talent whatsoever with making my own designs.

I'll keep looking for something more slick, though. Maybe over the summer I'll look into writing my own program, though I'd have to dust off programming skills that I haven't used in about 17 years to do that...