Firefly | Jayne Hat

Hey there, Guys!

First post.

My decision to take up knitting was borne out of my love for Joss Whedon's TV series "Firefly"...
...and a particular knit artifact from one of the episodes...

I posted this topic to the FireflyFans Forum a few days ago... Forum | Men Who Knit?

Am I the first Browncoat here?


Ooh... I'll come out as

Ooh... I'll come out as another Browncoat here. I haven't knit a Jayne hat yet, tho. Love that show.

Burn in hell, Fox!!! heh

I aim to misbehave!

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Dear god, man, no, you're

Dear god, man, no, you're totally not. I've knit four of them (one for me, my friend Clay, my brother and my dad), and have plans for more. I wore mine to the May 2005 premiere in San Francisco, and Alan Tudyk was all impressed with my mad knitting skillz. They're easy beyond belief.

Can't stop the signal, brother.

Sorry for being a bit vague

Sorry for being a bit vague there, grandcarriage, but as you can see, tossing the word out there works like a "secret handshake". ^_^

A browncoat is a fan of

A browncoat is a fan of Firefly. In the show, the browncoats were the rebel faction that two of the main characters had belonged to before they turned to a life of misbehavin'.

I bought my yarn for this project last night! So excited to get started but I need to be sneaky about it as it's a surprise.

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I don't get "Browncoat"

I don't get "Browncoat" What is it?

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Grandcarriage, I'm so glad

Grandcarriage, I'm so glad you said that. I had no idea what a Browncoat was (although my imagination went wild!) or what they were talking about. But then, I don't have a TV - who has time for TV when there's so much knitting to be done!

- Tom

Thanks, Folks! Good to know

Thanks, Folks!
Good to know I'm not the only Browncoat here!
I've spent the whole last week collecting patterns & pictures of Jayne Hats, downloading & watching all the videos on, staring at the diagrams in the various PDFs and books...

Then I have to lie down until my headache goes away. ;o)

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Here are some more I have

Here are some more I have found: (check out the cotton one)

None of them look quite right though....

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There is a pattern here

There is a pattern here

But in the picture it looks pretty much like a standard chullo hat.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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Hey Chris, you certainly are

Hey Chris, you certainly are NOT the first brown coat here! :-)

Can't help you with the pattern but love Firefly! The day they canceled that show was horrible. I own the DVDs and still watch them every so often.

I am new to knitting as well and I don't think I would have ever thought to look to Firefly for knitting patterns. :-)

good luck!


I found this one.

I found this one.

My girlfriend wants one badly, I hope I can rock this before V-day.

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I think Technocowboy has

I think Technocowboy has knit a few Jayne hats.
I know he's a huge fan of the series.