Navy cablestiched sweater with hood.

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n the navy sweater I knitted for my grandson.
it's a wool/cotton blend.


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He should treasure that all

He should treasure that all his life along with his other memories of his grandpa! It's really a great sweater.

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It looks wonderful - and

It looks wonderful - and very comfortable too! Lucky child!

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wayyyyy too cute - and the

wayyyyy too cute - and the sweater is adorable too! congratulations on two very fine acheivements! :)


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How fabulous...a kid saying,

How fabulous...a kid saying, "My GRANDPA knit this for me!" That completely rules. Bill, you get the COOL GRANDPA award!


Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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...starts to break down the

...starts to break down the stereotype...doesn't it...