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Well I'm new to this site and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Marty and I live in Noe Valley in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I was taught how to knit a few months ago in a men's therapy group as a way as a therapeutic technique! I have really enjoyed it and find it really helps me to relax. Anyway, I just completed my 2nd scarf and attached a picture of it. This is a pic of my friend who I knit the scarf for. K3P3 over and over. But I loved it. Anyway, hope to chat with ya'll sometime.


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Welcome aboard -- Lots of

Welcome aboard -- Lots of great guys here. Hope you enjoy the site. And keep knitting!

Would love to see a larger photo of the scarf.

Happy New Year.

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Just wanted to say hi Marty

Just wanted to say hi Marty and welcome! You are among friends here. By the way you have the same name as my brother :-)

Visit my site:

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Sometimes I feel like I'm in

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong city...Welcome to the friendliest bunch of guys online. Great of you to join us. Have heaps of fun...

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Howdy to you to! And

Howdy to you to! And welcome! Great scarf, and great shirt!

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*grin* Well, I was going to

*grin* Well, I was going to invite you to the Monday Night knitting group at the 3DB, but I see that Bill has already gotten to that.

Gratz on starting knitting, on joining up here, and on the scarf! Welcome to the best possible addiction ever. :)

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Looks great. I started

Looks great. I started knitting too as a kind of mental therapy and it has really helped. I am thoroughly hooked on it how. Been doing some bed socks for late christmas gifts I just couldn't get done before Christmas. I guess I'll give them as epiphany gifts. Anyway, nice to have you aboard. Looks like you are already pretty advanced for a newbie! :-)

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Hi Marty. Another newbie

Hi Marty.

Another newbie here. I have yet to finish my first scarf as I keep screwing it up. Am doing a simple K2P2. I hope it comes out half as good as yours.


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Great scarf, great smile,

Great scarf, great smile, welcome.


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Marty .. the scarf is

Marty .. the scarf is GREAT! You did a great job, and the k3p3 is a good pattern for a guy. I'm sure your friend will enjoy it for years to come.


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Marty.. The scarf looks

The scarf looks great!
...we have a Monday Night knitting group that meets in the Three Dollar Bill Cafe at the GLBT center on Market at Octavia... 7-9pm...
We'd love to have you join us!