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you've been warned.

okay - this isn't a full head of steam screaming rant - more of an "I don't understand the world I'm living in and think I may be crazy" rant.

Let me say first that I'm no expert; I am also aware I am much more "fly by the seat of my pants" in style then many people; and I try to take the advice of my acting coach (Dare to Suck!) to heart in life as well as on-stage;

But just how detailed do people expect directions to be ??? ! ???

For example - There is a circular shawl pattern out there that starts with:

Cast on 8 stitches; knit one round; double the number of stitches on the next round (16 stitches).

I can think of several ways to accomplish the above - most of which would not make much difference at all in the final product. We are talking a total of 32 stitches in an item with many thousands of stitches. The three most miniscule rows in a shawl with almost 200 rounds.

Would you believe over ***THREE WEEKS*** of discussion on how to cast on and what method to double the stitches? and wether or not they should join the stitches into a round at the caston, on the first round, or after doubling.

Am I the crazy one or is the above taking obsessive to an extreme? Good God, if you can't decide which way - an hour or so of experimenting could give you multiple examples to choose from and you could then proceed!

'Tis a puzzlement.


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It would probably be more

It would probably be more like 2 or 3 hours of experimenting for me. LOL


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where was this discussion?

where was this discussion? What a waste of time to bother. Do whichever you like best and stick with it... It's knitting, not rocket science.

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my point.

my point.

Well, and then: there's

Well, and then: there's that. Leave it to a mason to get to the heart of the matter.

~Mike in Tampa (a Virgo who will abandoned any and every dirt path to make the simple complex.)

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>> an hour or so of

>> an hour or so of experimenting could give you multiple examples to choose from and you could then proceed! <<

Thank you! That's almost always my first course of action when the directions are less than clear.

This reminds me of a neighborhood meeting I once attended where a complaint about a broken-down car turned into an hour-long discussion of whether having the police tow it away might in some way offend the unknown person who abandoned it in our street.

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About something Mike just

About something Mike just said . . . many years ago, I had read a number of accounts that said that commercials in the US were writen for a 6th grade level. Not many years ago, I read a number of accounts that said the level had dropped to a 3rd grade level, just so people could understand what was being advertised. I would speculate that it has dropped even more of late! I don't understand many pattern instructions, so do some experimenting or have someone show me. It's much easier then, and much more satisfying to accomplish something . . right or wrong!


Mario! Mario! Mario! 1st:

Mario! Mario! Mario!

1st: Mario, you have GOT to stop holding things in. If you don't let it ALL out, dangerous physical things start to happen. For crying out loud: Say what's on your mind, Man!

2nd: Nearly 7 years ago (an eternity) I was production manager for a small but devastatingly influential consulting firm supplying Radio/Television stations and Groups. The CEO came to me upon the announcement that they were going to launch an internet segment of the company so that sales forces could take the classes online rather than come to Tampa. He wanted me to find out what the median reading level of Americans was. I said: "No Prob".

I called 7 of the largest newspapers in the country and asked them to what reading level they wrote. "No higher than the 7th grade" came their reply. It was the industry standard.

My best guess is that the 7th grade is now passe'; I *have* to suppose that it's lower than that by now.

So, that should hopefully lower your blood pressure and ease your mind that you are NOT crazy (at least in this regard) and that the World really IS going to hell in, not a hand-spun nor hand-knitted but, a pre-fab'ed Handbasket.

BTW: you can empty your venom sacs around me any old time you want. Fondly remembering Olymia Dukakis' line in Steel Magnolias: "I always say: if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, sit next to me . . ."

~Mike in Tampa (who frequently has to empty his venom sacs just to keep things tidy)

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back when the dinosaurs

back when the dinosaurs roamed, my freshman class had an average reading level of 9th grade - this at an Ivy League University. Frightening, isn't it?

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.