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I saw a book in Yarn Garden (they started advertising in the local G/L rag, so I'm supporting them a little more, now) that really impressed my "Knitting for 30 years, jaded self when it comes to books." and that is "The Big Book Of Knitting" by Katharina Buss. It seemed VERY COMPLETE, VERY CLEAR, WELL ILLUSTRATED AND WELL EXPLANED. (and I like the fact that the displays WEREN'T done in 1970 yellow, pink, or green synthethic...yuk) Check it out for yourself.


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I found it difficult to use.

I found it difficult to use. Sure there are great pictures but the directions are difficult to follow. Not for the new knitter, needs a certain level of experience to grasp. Just my thoughts!!

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Really? That is good to

Really? That is good to know, I suppose. I've been knitting for 31 years, so I found it very easy to understand, but there you go. I'll look at it again, trying this time with a more beginner's eye. Thanks for the feedback.

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I ordered my copy in

I ordered my copy in November and informs me it won't ship until after xmas! What's up with that? From these postings, I'm confident I've made a wise purchase. Ta'!

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Excellent title. Standard

Excellent title. Standard reference item. A MUST on every library/knitter's shelf.

~Mike in Tampa

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BBOK is a very good

BBOK is a very good reference book for knitting and finishing techniques. It's not one I necessarily use every day anymore, but it's invaluable when I need to look something up.