Kilt socks

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...finished my Kilt socks a week ago...and wore them last night to a big Christmas dinner. They're knitted of a double strand of merino wool...#5 & #6 own adaptation of a basic sock pattern... took a while to get the stitch count so the cables wouldn't be too streched out at the calf...
..there are decreases at center back which make nice chevrons of the cables...
This is my second pair... knitted a pair for my son for last Christmas and liked them so much I did a pair for me... just started a grey alpaca pair for me, yesterday...they may not wear as well...but they feel great while knitting...

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They're lovely....How about

They're lovely....How about a big picture in the entire ensemble?

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It's fun to see these as I

It's fun to see these as I watched you talk about and show the first pair on the "Real Men Knit" DVD. The are very nice indeed!

My knitting is totally tubular!