Dog loves Santa

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Okay, that wasn't quite enough text. So, here goes.....

My dog knows who Santa Claus is. He's quite enamoured of the old guy, in fact. Starting about two weeks ago, whenever he hears "Santa's coming" said by the partner or I, he tears into the living room, slides to a halt in front of the fire place and sits under his stocking and stares up at it longingly.

When the stocking is taken down and presented to him, he shoves his head in looking for the goodies that he knows Santa has brought. When he finally realizes that Santa has not yet come, he gets his head out, sighs heavily and goes and pouts. It's hysterical.

Ironically, I do much the same thing in anticipation of Christmas, except I can't get my head down into my stocking....

I know there's no knitting content here, but again just trying to help with the picture moving thing.


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I play Pet Store Santa each

I play Pet Store Santa each year as our fundraiser for I.G. Resuce and I put my suit on the other day at home, came out into the living room to show the hubby and my dogs went ballistic and launched themselves off the couches at me, barking and growling like they were going to rip me to shreds! I ran down the hall into my office and shut the door before any of them could reach me.

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IG? Italian Greyhound? (I

IG? Italian Greyhound? (I am trying to imagine those tiny fragile dogs acting like they are going to rip your head off, but who knows.....

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My IG male is 15 and ornery

My IG male is 15 and ornery like you wouldn't believe. He was also a "repeat stray" before he came to us and he's spent time on the streets and is used to fending for himself (hard to imagine for an IG). Our female IG is a rip-roaring-super-King-Kong-mega-bitch, and our Pharaoh Hound is much larger and stronger than the IG's. As a pack, they are quite ferocious!

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fragile as they appear -

fragile as they appear - they were originally bred as coursing hounds, so I imagine there's a lot of the killer instinct still in the genes. It's not like they've been bred as lap dogs for a couple hundred generations.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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You did mention stockings,

You did mention stockings, which are frequenlty knit, so there's your nknitting content.

We used to have a husky/border collie cross who would open his own christmas presents - not the cat's, nor the ones for Gramma's dogs or the neighbors dogs - just his own.

We've never quite figured out how he distinguished which ones were his.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.