Nasty day, nasty tummy, funky green hat!

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NEVER EAT UNDERCOOKED TURKEY! I am here to testify. I have lost any weight I might have gained at Thanksgiving, to be sure. YUK! That being said, it was nasty wet and rainy in the Rose City. I walked outside and though, "Why don't I have a fun and funky hat?" I went to the Sippery at the Yarn Garden and dug out my "should be knitting" project, but my heart just wasn't in it. I wanted cheery, I wanted GREEN! Lambs Pride worsted Kiwi Green and a Fibertrends pattern ("Everyone's favorite hat and scarf"). Easy peasy and I cranked away on it, knitting up the the decrease in about 2 hours. The the coffee shop closed and I went to Powell's city of books to finish it in "the world cup". It's done, it's warm and lovely, but I have to pick out the edge and knit it just a trifle bit longer. I like hats that the edge flips up on, and this is just a TRIFLE short for that. (where the instructions say knit the side to 5 1/2, I recommend knitting it to 6 or 6 1/2, then start the decreasing. VERY fast knit, and a super cool hat, the pattern comes with directions for worsted through v. bulky (which must take half and hour to knit). Pix to follow. I think my family will be each be getting one (with the exception of my sister's family with her 9 children...).


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awwwww----c'mon......... -

awwwww----c'mon......... - people are always neglecting families with nine children! (says he who grew up as number 6 of 9); this weekend was sunny and warm in the Finger Lakes - so of course I was walking around dressed in a melton wool caped great coat singing christmas carols about snow and cold!

about the only knitting I did was turn the heel of a Christmas stocking while at our mandatory staff meeting wednesday - then a couple rows on a faroese shawl over the weekend. Time travel takes up a lot of time and energy.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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Dearest Mario, I love my

Dearest Mario,

I love my sister, in theory. But she is a very conservative woman who has raised her children to think that my lifestyle is a sin against God and Nature. That being said, I MAY make them a great big afghan out of red-heart so they can toss it in the washer and dryer. But 9 Hats? No way. (Besides the ages range from 18 to 3. I just cannot do that many sizes and maintain sanity. With parents, that would be like 11 gifts. Yagh!

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apply the law of payback -

apply the law of payback - become the kids absolutely favorite person in the entire world. heh-heh-heh-heh-heh....

I've got a sister like that - I love her when she's at least 1500 miles away - luckily she has not reproduced. *shudder* the thought alone is frightening.

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I've thought of that. The

I've thought of that. The problem is, I've not ever been involved in the family, and the eldest are late teens, getting ready for college. I may send a package to the eldests as they go off to university. An afghan in the college colors, some winter wear (the eldest wants to go to my sister's alma-mater: Marquette, where tuition is $27,000 PER YEAR! He may end up going to Auburn, where sis teaches and tuition is therefore, free. (She has 8 others who will need tuition as well....) If I was wealthier, I'd send them money for college.