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Just got back from our local indie bookstore where Michael Di Vecchio was speaking and signing his new book, Knitting With Balls. He was a lot of fun to listen to - I was a bit amazed that it was mostly woman attending, but there was a fair sprinkling of us guys there too, including one hip gentleman in a utili-kilt. If you have a chance to go hear him speak (Michael, not the gentleman in the kilt), by all means, go. His blog is at Quite fine.

Ok, time for pizza and tv in front of the fire. It's the first night of a week of vacation for me. I'm so looking forward to a week of knitting and eating and, ok catching up on paperwork.

Jonathan in DC


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Jonathan is right that the

Jonathan is right that the book is geared towards beginners, at least as far as the instruction section that seems to start off every new knitting book, but I still found it an enjoyable read.

Some (okay, many) of the patterns are also very beginner as well, but they're damned handy patterns! There are also enough intermediate and above patterns to keep more seasoned knitters occupied. I'm thinking since the hubby wants a laptop computer for Christmas, he might just get the ara laptop cover for his birthday in June.

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I think the book is good -

I think the book is good - it's geared mostly to beginners, and I looked through it but decided against buying it since I just don't need another beginner's book! I like his concept of offering easy to work designs with a bit of a twist, so more unique than the typical garter stitch scarf.


Good for you. Wish I could

Good for you. Wish I could be there to enjoy the fire, too. We, down here in Paradise, don't have the luxury of a fireplace so, Envy is expected. Although, this evening is quite cold - dipping into the 40's - but, happily, we have flannel sheets on the bed.

~Mike in Tampa (who wishes he could once a year just cuddle in front of a fireplace, sucking a nice Shiraz, and enjoying a cozy . . . . . . oh, never mind. . . )

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My copy is on its way across

My copy is on its way across the Pacific as I write. What are your thoughts about the book?

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