We....and only Us WE.

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So, should we all come togethar as MEN WHO KNIT. COM and find a place and purpose to utlize our talents, what would it be? Now, I'm unyielding on this. SHould it be some charitable movement that benefits men? Or do we cross the bounds of social stigma and propose a charity that helps women? children? or everyone? To what greater purpose could or needles knit and purl? What strikes us down? and what of our talents could be used to defeat that?


This is an old thread but I

This is an old thread but I am new. If you want to offer some of your work, a great way is chemo caps. For people that loose their hair during chemo this cap offers warmth, personality and sort of looks like hair.

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Some really great ideas! My

Some really great ideas! My local knitting guild has donated hats to the preemie departments of various hospitals and are greatly appreciated by the families. We also knit hats for the cancer ward at a hospital, and have donated over a 1,000 so far. We get donations of odd balls of yarn, someone puts together a kit with a pattern, and then donate them when we get a box full. We have also made felted slippers, and small lap robes for some of the long-term care hospitals or for the women's shelters. Lots of ideas.

I like the idea of knitting the scarves, and then going on the street and giving them to someone that needs one. Felting wool sweaters from the thrift shop and making mittens is a wonderful idea too. Something new from something old.

Or knitting something fantastic, and donating it to a high priced auction.

These are all things we can do on our own, but were you suggesting something we can do all together? Are you thinking of knitting pieces, and then assembling them somewhere central? Do you want to design something unique and special, and then make them available through this site only?

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Gregory, I've been thinking

Gregory, I've been thinking about this ever since you posted it. I'm wondering what you have in mind here. Do you see us as a group doing something under the MWK name? That could bring us together more closely in our regional areas but how would that work for those of us scattered to the four corners of the earth? In addition, there are cultural and social differences amoung us. Maybe I don't have a true picture of what you're suggesting. Tell us more of your vision.


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TO Kiwi Knitter and

TO Kiwi Knitter and Tallguy...and all else concerned for that matter! YES! My idea was that Men Who Knit, or ANY man who knits, find a hat, or scarf, or any simple pattern and join with a charitable group. It seemed to me we have groups like Warm Up America and the Linus Project....My head was moving towards women, though....The irony of a woman's charity receiving things they could use knitted by men. But, that's where I fall short....who? and what? So, that's why I posted the initial question. Hell, even if no one else gets involved, its something I'm anxious to do...But, I need a good idea first.

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I don't have any specific

I don't have any specific suggestions for a project or a recipient but I was thinking it would be great if a local group of members of MWK did a project under the MWK banner. For example, everyone could knit a beanie for the local hospital preemie ward and then donate them all together at the same time from the local MWK group. I think it would be an effective way of letting people know that men do knit as well as providing a means of building community amoung the local members. Just a thought.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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we could do work under MWK

we could do work under MWK - and pick, maybe, 4 different organizations to present to each year - and have a "drive" for each of the groups - we (as local members) could store and facilitate the distribution of product... I'm not sure if the real MWK needs write offs for donations, but it could also be a way to profit MWK possibly.

I'm game!



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one of the projects that is

one of the projects that is ongoing in my "closet" (literally" is a scarf "pile" ... when I am trying to figure out some new pattern, I'll use yarn that isn't important to me, and knit a scarf to get my fingers working correctly. When it's done, I store them together in a big box... I have had the idea since starting my obsession of going downtown during the cold of winter (yeah, in L.A.) and pass them out... (or take them with me when I am on a trip back east) and give them to the homeless on the street... there's something about passing out these pieces personally that gives great satisfaction.

If someone comes up with an idea or program, I'm all for participating!



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I think that is an excellent

I think that is an excellent idea. It's just got really cold in London as we move into winter and it's heart breaking to see people on the cold streets without any shoes or socks. I'm running out of money buying them tea and sandwiches! we have a massive amount of blue squares to sew up for another charity project which will later be used as blankets for homeless charities.
There are also lots of fundraising that could be doine. A scarf that a celeb has contributed to might fetch a lot in an auction. Cancer charities are always worth supporting.


I knit

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Gerald, Bless your heart.

Gerald, Bless your heart. I thought I was the only one who did that, although here, it tends to hot coffee or cocoa. I have fruit trees in the yard, so every day I load the car up with apples that would go to waste and when I see the homeless panhandling at onramps, I hand over a bunch of fruit; Apples, grapes, plums, pears.
I get unsaleable wool sweaters from the thrift stores, felt them, and then cut and sew mitten shapes, I then cast on and knit a cuff. These I hand out in winter.

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