Norwegian Purl Stitch

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Today, I learned how to do the Norwegian purl stitch (continental) after an embarrassingly long time of watching and rewatching the instructional video. I then practiced it, trying various combinations of knit and purl stitches (again, continental) along with my usual contintental purl stitch. I must say that after a few hours of practice I was able to get my gauge (and "tension") under control and am now quite pleased with doing this purl method, preferring it over my old way of purling. There are a few more hand/finger movements involved but I think it's easier to execute.

Anyone else using this purl stitch?


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Nifty, I learned something

Nifty, I learned something new. Though it'll probably take quite a bit longer for me to get a good tension with this, I'm purling much looser than normal continental and I purl too loosely already.

I could see this being helpful for ribbing, seed stitch, well, anything that requires switching between knitting and purling every few stitches but for plain old stockinette it'll probably just slow me down though I'm guessing that those silly norwegians mainly knit circular so they wouldn't even have to purl every other row.

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I'm using this purl method

I'm using this purl method and getting better at it. Right now I'm knitting a teddy bear and I'm knitting flat instead of in the round which means purl-back rows. Since gauge/tension isn't critical in the pattern I'm using, I'm getting lots of practice. I have discovered that I prefer the Norwegian method. It's difficult to explain in words, but even though there are more steps, the movements required are easier. My continental purl stitches are tighter than my continental knit and regular purl stitches; the Norwegian purl stitches started out quite loose but I'm getting a handle on making them tighter and more even. And, you're spot on about this being helpful when doing any pattern that requires regular switching back and forth between knitting and purling. I've been testing rib and seed patterns and I can do them much more easily using the Norwegian purl method.

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Amen to that! I don't get

Amen to that!

I don't get to use it often though - because I'm basically a thrower - which means I only use a "Norwegian purl" when I have a knit stitch on my purl-back row - which I do as "knit backwards"

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I do everything

I do everything continental.


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I do about 90% continental

I do about 90% continental but the Norwegian purl method is new to me. Do you use it?

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I'm not sure I know what it

I'm not sure I know what it is? Just a continental (picking) purl stitch?


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Here's a

Here's a description:

My knitting is totally tubular!