Latest and last Project for Winter 2006

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Hi Guys,
Here is my latest project and also my last for winter 2006. It has been 37 deg C (close enough to 100 deg F) for the last two days in this part of OZ so knitting will now take a back seat while I get on with some sewing along with more house renovations.

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Hi Kerry, Here are the

Hi Kerry,

Here are the stiches used:

Side panels and sleeves
1st Row: p3 *k1 p3 rep from * to end
2nd row: *K3 p1 rep from *to last 3 sts k3
3rd row: p1 *k1 p3 rep from *to last 2 sts p1 k1
4th row: k1 *p1 k3 rep from * to last rep ending with k1 instead of k3

Center panels
1st row: knit
2nd row: purl
3rd row: purl
4th row: knit

Cheers, Victor

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Nice jumper, Victor. To echo

Nice jumper, Victor. To echo Jesse, what are those stitches?

I find that I knit as much in the Sydney summer as winter, but I don't do big projects like your jumper, I'm mostly knitting socks or lace. It would be too much to have all that wool on my lap and legs.

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Fantastic - I love it! What

Fantastic - I love it! What a beautiful front design! Did you design this yourself? The neckline and collar are very interesting and I am going to try something similar as I like it a lot. What are the stitches on the sides? Great job!

BTW: We're having a cold southerly blowing right now so could you please send some of that heat across the Tasman?

My knitting is totally tubular!