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Ran across this cartoon this morning... thought I'd share...


Grace and peace,

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Funny! I just learn what

Funny! I just learn what frogging is based on this cartoon. Boy have I had to do that more time than I'd like to admit. One mistake can be disastrous, especially if the pattern is so complicated I can find the place to "Frog" to and where or how to restart OR if you discover the mistake after rows and rows of "Perfect Knitting". Actually, yesterday I was working with some Madeline Tosh merino light and had to do just that. Letting it rest now momentarily until I'm ready to tackle it again. Again, Funny cartoon. Thank You for sharing it!

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Nice one Tim. Like your new

Nice one Tim. Like your new profile pic, looks like you are filling out. Are you going to gym?

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Thanks needed the laugh

Thanks needed the laugh

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Quite cute, Tim. Thanks for

Quite cute, Tim. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice one!

Nice one!