Glitz for the gents

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I was thinking about sharing this here as I know my friend Bill Jones enjoys a bit of glitz once in a while. This is a pattern that is for a necklace. I came across it on Ravelry , and I decided to make it an ankle bracelet , butch enough for a man to wear. It is all in the clasp lol. The website has some nice kits to make some fun stuff
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It is nice to have this place here, even though I spend a lot of time on Facebook and ravelry, some people really don't care for Facebook. This website of Men Who Knit was a life saver when I first encountered it. We have one through a lot together my friends. I hope you like the green on the yarn and the ground. Thanks for stopping by!
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Very nice Andy, and yes, I do

Very nice Andy, and yes, I do like the green. Not just because its a great color but also because winter here is far too long and we haven't seen anything green in quite some time. Tying not to get discouraged though. :-)

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you've only just begun with

you've only just begun with the beads...right?
...there will be ten times as many...?

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Well I am finding uses for

Well I am finding uses for them as I go along, so I am already thinking about a hat with a beaded border. Is not all bad, it's a lot of fun. Maybe a vest? You are trying to get me into it aren't you? What have I started? lol