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Hey guys!

I'm excited to announce my latest pattern - a scarf in Quince and Company's upcoming e-book: Scarves, Etc. 2013.

It's the only "guy" scarf in the collection.

Check it out here on Ravelry:

It'll be available for purchase/download on 3/5/2013.


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Nice design, Kyle. Congrats.

Nice design, Kyle. Congrats.

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I have been looking for an

I have been looking for an attractive scarf. Your is just what I have been looking for. Well done! I will definitely purchase it. Will the pattern be available to download from Ravelry?

Looks great! Olive drab is a

Looks great! Olive drab is a perfect color for that scarf, though I'm sure it will look good in many other manly colors. I've added it to my Ravelry queue.

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Good for you, Kyle!

Good for you, Kyle! sure you tell "Verb for keeping warm"...they're stocking Quince and Company yarns.

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Thanks. I mentioned them as

Thanks. I mentioned them as a local source in my blog post and did talk with Kristine about it during Stitches :)

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Lovely scarf. Lovely model.

Lovely scarf. Lovely model. :-)

Good work, guy.