My First Afghan in Progress....

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I have never ever attempted to do a knitted afghan before. The pattern was from an old Leisure Art leaflet from...get this....1974!!!!!!! It's called the Classic Ripple Afghan. I have knitted Leisure Art models for the last five years (mostly small projects like socks, scarves, etc.) and was asked to crochet an afghan using Red Heart Soft yarn. Turns out the yarn colors matched exactly to a runner I have in my living room (Blanket Pic 3), so it occurred to me that I should knit an afghan for myself using those same colors. Crochet is really not my thing. The only reason I was asked to do it was because no else was available. Crochet is hard on the hands. I'll stick with knitting!!! Anyway, here are the results of my knitting efforts so far...

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That is a very nice afghan.

That is a very nice afghan. I knit one similar - in shades of pink and red - for a grandniece some years ago. Ripples are a fun project, my favorite is Feather and Fan.

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It is a fun project. I like

It is a fun project. I like Feather and Fan as well. Would like to try it on a larger scale.

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Wow! Awesome job. Very

Wow! Awesome job. Very nicely put together. A pleasure to look at. Easy on the eyes. I wish I could reach into my computer and get my hands on it. I can't tell from looking at it what it feels like. Is it really that wavy or is it an optical illusion? Sure is nice work...

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Thank you, I appreciate

Thank you, I appreciate that. I think the dark bands make the ripples stand out more. It is pretty soft. Red Heart Soft is the yarn I used.

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Beautiful pattern and

Beautiful pattern and colors!!!

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Thank you.

Thank you.

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Beautiful work and I love the

Beautiful work and I love the colours.

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Thank you.

Thank you.

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god my arms and hands would

god my arms and hands would be tired after knitting that much and great choice of the colors

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Thank you. LOL. I admit, I

Thank you. LOL. I admit, I can only work on it for so long. It' great for mind-less knitting though.

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The color choices are

The color choices are wonderful. I am a big fan of the desert southwest and these colors remind me of that. Beautiful workmanship as well!

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Thank you Mark, I appreciate

Thank you Mark, I appreciate that.

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i really like this afghan! I

i really like this afghan! I don't really crochet either, but I've never knitted a ripple. Now, after seeing yours, I may have to give it a shot. Great work!!

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Thank you. Crochet never

Thank you. Crochet never really looked "manly" to me so I never got into it. I've tried it and I get it, but it just isn't something that interest me.

You should really give the ripple afghan a shot. The pattern is super simple. Great for hanging out watching TV, having a little drink (whatever that maybe), and knitting. :)