My Antique Spinning Wheel

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Good Evening Guys,

One of my goals this year is to get really good at spinning. Several years ago (April 7th, 2007) my wife bought me an antique spinning wheel for an anniversary present and I took some beginning classes (she is wonderful and we've been married for 37 years). I've included a picture. The wheel is in great condition. My bucket list includes knitting a sweater for myself with wool that I have spun. The wheel we decided on was an antique Swedish wheel. The woman I purchased it from bought it 1958 in North Mankota, Minnesota from an elderly couple who's family settled near Hanska. It was originally bought to the United States about 1870 when their ancestors immigrated from Sweden and has been loving used ever since.

I was wondering if anyone knows any good spinning blogs?

Thanks & Regards,


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Gorgeous wheel and you

Gorgeous wheel and you definitely can see it was well tended for by the owners. Congrats.

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Ohhhh...dreamy, lustrous

Ohhhh...dreamy, lustrous patina...hand oils accumulated on all the right spots...balanced turned wood, friction-fitted holes and hand cut with what looks like spoon-bit hollows...fractional bends in the wood, with curved hand-planed sides on the wheel...proportioned like a hand-built Windsor chair...

Bill's picture're writing porn're writing porn again,Mark...

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I know... I'm not bad. I'm

I know...

I'm not bad. I'm just S-twisted this way.

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Yes, we have missed you.

Yes, we have missed you.

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I have to agree with Quinton

I have to agree with Quinton on this, Mark. Great to see you again.

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there is a dash of Jessica

there is a dash of Jessica about you...

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That is an exquisite looking

That is an exquisite looking wheel! As for spinning blogs you would think that I would but I don't. I read things here and there but beyond that I just play. Perhaps you can create the next great spinning blog?

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That's just extraordinary!

That's just extraordinary! The wheel is a work of art in itself. How lucky you are to know the story behind it as well! All the best with your yarn spinning...

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You're a lucky man. What a

You're a lucky man. What a beautiful gift. I am sure you will achieve your dreams and look forward to seeing the sweater.