My first Cardigan

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My first attempt at a cardigan below. Just finished it and am very proud. Its a bit large around the chest for me, but I think i know now how to change that measurement in future. I now need to think of my next project. Hmm!

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I like it!

I like it!

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Nice work! I love the color,

Nice work! I love the color, too.

It looks nice and "comfy" and the extra ease in the chest can really feel good when you're "lounging" around.


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Perfeito, o seu trabalho.

Perfeito, o seu trabalho. Parabéns. Muito bonito e confortável.

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Great job. It looks

Great job. It looks wonderfully warm and comfortable.

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Wow, great job!!! Looks good

Wow, great job!!! Looks good on you too!

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Very good looking cardigan.

Very good looking cardigan. You did a fantastic job.

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Thanks, the wool is Rowan

Thanks, the wool is Rowan scottish tweed chunky, 100% pure new wool. However, this wool has been discontinued sadly. Its a lovely wool and really nice to work with. I luckily found enough online and i think there are a few more out there but apparently it was a very popular yarn. God knows why they've discontinued it. The shade i use is 017 Lobster. The pattern is from Debbie Stoller's Son of stitch n bitch. Its by Jared Flood. There are a couple of misprints in the book which luckily i found out shortly after knitting the wrong stitches. I have just added the pockets to it know. Glad you like it :)

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Dave - really nice job.

Dave - really nice job. Nothing "just plain" about that! Congrats on your first cardigan. Hoping there are many more in your future. Keep up the good work. By the way it's a great Christmas color.


I fully agree that the colour

I fully agree that the colour and style are great. Well done. Please tell us the yarn used and if the pattern is yours or from another knitter.

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Great job, and I agree, great

Great job, and I agree, great color. Well done!

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I hope you're very proud of

I hope you're very proud of yourself. The sweater is lovely. The collar is very appealing to me.

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Very handsome sweater. You

Very handsome sweater. You did an excellent job. It looks nice and warm. The color is great.

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Great looking cardigan. I

Great looking cardigan. I also love the color.


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Nice looking cardigan Dave.

Nice looking cardigan Dave. What pattern is it?