Take a peek at these pants!!

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These crocheted afghan pants were unveiled by me at Show and Tell at the West Coast Men's Fall Knitting Retreat. Wearing them today as part of my Halloween costume!

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WOW!!! It looks like you went

WOW!!! It looks like you went back into the 70's and stole off with one of my grandmother's Red Heart acrylic afghans. Superb work though and you look terrific in your costume.

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Very Missoni.

Very Missoni.

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Wow. That's pretty cool!

Wow. That's pretty cool!

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Amazing...great for a

Amazing...great for a costume.

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Thanks guys! And what you

Thanks guys! And what you can't see is that I have on 4 inch heel/2 inch sole platform boots that zip up to the knee!

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Amazing... Simply amazing.

Amazing... Simply amazing.

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LOVE them!! Awesome piece of

LOVE them!! Awesome piece of work. Really. Madly creative! Well done. They look great and they look great on you! Happy, happy Halloween. Makes me proud to be a guy who knits when I see a guy do something like that. Well done again!

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They look Italian Renaissance

They look Italian Renaissance to me, the pattern makes it look like you're wearing a codpiece. Tie a couple of ribbons on either side of your groin and you're ready to play Mercutio.