Bennett's BSJ Done

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Good Afternoon All,

My official end to summer - my pool was closed and winterized today. Had a great morning visiting with my landscaper to finalize the design plans for my back yard. Project should start in the next couple of weeks. Then spent the rest of the morning knitting. I am almost done with Bennett's jacket that I started last saturday. Finished the jacket this afternoon.

Elizabeth Zimmermann is amazing. This project for those of you not familiar with the pattern, knits the jacket as one piece and then like an origami puzzle it folds into shape. Trip to Memphis to deliver the finished product is all thats left to do!

PIC 1 - Bind off
PIC 2 - Off the needles and flat
PIC 3 - Folding left side
PIC 4 - Folding right side
PIC 5 - Done
PIC - 6 The Brass Buttons

Life is good


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That looks so amazing. I may

That looks so amazing. I may have to try it.

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My favorite bit of BSJ

My favorite bit of BSJ trivia. Don't remember where I read this but it was written by E.Z. She was going out with the "old man", in a boat as I recall, and was wanting to come up with a new hat pattern for the upcoming first grandchild. What she unvented was a BSJ. Now it's truly a long twisted road from a hat to a sweater but somehow she made it to the end of that road and we bless her for it each time we knit one! I've made over 25 of them to date and never tire! My favorite thing to do is had a knitted but unsewn BSJ to someone and asking them to figure out how to make it into a sweater...some of the confused looks are priceless!

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Very cute, a job well done!

Very cute, a job well done!

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That's part of the appeal of

That's part of the appeal of the BSJ...they never turn out exactly alike, other than the general shape. I hope little Bennett enjoys his for a long time. [Of course, you can always knit larger ones for him as he grows up.]