Happy Birthday?

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I'm known to all my friends and family as the most difficult to buy for.. the man who has everything. I really don't have everything, but there isn't much that I want, so... I showed my other half the new collection of patterns that just came out on the Brooklyn Tweed website. I guess that opened the door a crack and the next thing I knew, he bought me a few patterns.
Keep in mind that I have never knit anything more complicated than fairly simple hats and scarves. The BT patterns are WAY beyond that... and they look time consuming.. like a two sided striped cowl/scarf.. and a HEAVILY cabled scarf.. and a rectangular drape-y woman's sweater. OMG, I'm afraid to begin because I'll be found dead with those still on the needles. I'm a SLOW knitter.
But I have to admit the patterns are beautiful, though I've heard others at the LYS accuse Jared Flood of merely adapting 100-year-old patterns and selling them for $6.50. At least the man knows how to photograph his work!
Naturally the BT patterns are all knit in their own yarns, but I don't think I'll be springing for that expensive stuff. How would they be in some cheap acrylic from JoAnns? I'm only joking. Time to start saving my pennies.


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I agree that you can use

I agree that you can use other yarns, making them the best you can afford. And do look at knitting the projects as learning experiences. I recommend having other, simpler projects as a break from the high-stress ones [if they turn into stress - they may not]. Then, if you wish, you can always reknit the project with a higher end yarn at a future time.

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Thanks, Joe. Then I don't

Thanks, Joe. Then I don't have to give up hats!

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By all means, no. I have

By all means, no. I have been caught in the rut of only concentrating on a single project at a time but I normally have 2 or 3 going at once, including one that is just totally repetitive knitting so as to provide relief from the more complicated ones.

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To be honest, I knit in a lot

To be honest, I knit in a lot of brand names (Lion's Brand, Bernat, etc.) that are not considered high-end yarn. I do spring for the nice stuff sometimes, but for a recent college grad, it's all I can do to send Sallie Mae a few bucks every month. I say if you're still timid about the pattern anyway, why spend $100 on yarn you'll be afraid of ruining? Use something on the lower end with a little wool, or that's mostly/partially cotton and you'll enjoy it just the same, not to mention you won't feel guilty if you make a mistake or two.

I say enjoy the knitting, and enjoy learning the new techniques! There are hundreds of videos to learn any technique you want on youtube and all over the internet, and of course you've got a valuable library of information right here if you need help =)

Best wishes, show no fear!


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When it comes down to it, I

When it comes down to it, I can afford $100 for yarn, but being a child of a child of the Great Depression, I have to really talk myself into it and be convinced that it's the right thing to do. The last thing I need is a hundred-dollar pile of yarn sitting in a corner staring at me. Thanks for the encouragement.. onward and upward!