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Hi Guys,

Since moving to a warmer climate some 7 years ago where knitwear is only needed for a couple of months a year I have been knitting squares for charity as I have plenty of jumpers in 'stock'.

This rug is for St John Ambulance and they send them somewhere overseas, Africa I think. I got this one from my sister and I have modified it to suit.

It starts off with one square, 61 sts and is decreased every second row in the centre making a mitre, until one st left. The next square is added by picking up stitches from the previous square etc. Sounds complicated but it is easy once under way. I use acrylic yarn for these so they are not too expensive and the colors are much brighter. The next project will be one big square, 181 sts and much softer shades. I will give more detailed instrctions if anyone wants them.

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I think it would be wonderful

I think it would be wonderful to have as a project on the go. Whenever I finish a pair of socks, I could use the left over to make a block. It is beautiful.

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That's an excellent idea,

That's an excellent idea, Ron. I may have to keep it in mind, as well.

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That's one of the coolest

That's one of the coolest projects I've seen in a long time. It's very "crazy quiltish" In case you don't know what a crazy quilt is -

It's going on my to do queue.

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Lovely rug Victor, so

Lovely rug Victor, so colourful.

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Looks great, Victor. A

Looks great, Victor. A friend and I were discussing this kind of project just the other evening. Do you join up the strips as you go, or do you have strips to sew up after you knit the number of squares you want? Might be a great way for me to use up some various oddball yarns I've collected.

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I started with one square and

I started with one square and joined on as I went. Got a bit warm and heavy after a while. Have started another this time the squares are three times the size. Will post when I finish the first one.

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Thanks...looking forward to

Thanks...looking forward to seeing how it turns out.