Fern and Thistle shawl

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I just finished the Fern and Thistle shawl last weekend. I was scared to run out of yarn when I bought the wool, and now I have a whole unused skein to add to my yarn stash. (like I really need any more in this house, LOL)
It was fairly easy to knit. Now it's on to something new to start on my needles.

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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the compliments.
It's from a book titled, "Wrapped in Lace - Knitted Heirlooms from Around the World", by Margaret Stove. I won the book in last year's Maryland State Fair, and thought it would be nice to enter a shawl from that book in this year's fair. Funny thing is, when I dropped the shawl off last week, the woman who took the shawl and information knew immediately that it was from that book. When I go to the fair today, I'll find out if I won a ribbon for the shawl and the bedspread.

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I hope you won a ribbon for

I hope you won a ribbon for those great works of craftsmanship. Definitely deserved.

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What a beautiful shawl.

What a beautiful shawl.

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that is certainly beautiful.

that is certainly beautiful. congratulations

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OMG!!!! I love it!!!! The

OMG!!!! I love it!!!! The color, the pattern, everything! Please tell us where we can find the pattern.

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Magnificent. Beautiful work.

Magnificent. Beautiful work. Handsomely done. Congratulations!

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Pretty coo.

Pretty coo.

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That is quite lovely, Jim. I

That is quite lovely, Jim. I can totally see knitting that for a present. Is it your pattern, or did you find it somewhere? Congratulations on a great bit of knitting.