Crocus Baby Patch Blanket

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Good Evening Follow Knitters,

Well since the Fibre Trends Wrap is complete we can not have idle needles so I've decided on my next project. It is Anne Hanson's Crocus Baby Patch Blanket from the book my Grandmother's Knitting (See previous post about the book). When this project is complete it's finished measurements should be a square at 40-3/4" per side. Perfect for the little bundle of joy my eldest son and his wife are expecting on 10-11-12 their first and our first grandchild, sex unknown and will not be know until the baby is born. I've opted for a gender neutral turquoise. Love knitting lace and should be stunning. If you are not familiar with Anne's work she has a great blog , Knitspot. Check it out. She has inspired countless knitters to wrap loved ones in shawls, stoles, socks and hats made with her lacy light-filled patterns.

Have a great night and a goodnights rest,


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I tried doing a blanket for a

I tried doing a blanket for a friend, but it kept coming off the needles and unraveling on me, dropping stitches, etc. So, I gave up and instead I'm making a blanket for my iPhone.

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Congratulations on the new

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! I know the blanket will be spectacular, and Oct. 11 is a great day to be born; that's my bday too.

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Great color for a baby - I

Great color for a baby - I don't know who came up with those dull and boring pastels for babies - bright jewel tones stimulate the brain. I love the lace pattern as well. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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I agree...but often bright

I agree...but often bright colours overwhelm a baby's delicate they're prettier against soft colours.
Babies like high contrast bright colours.

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So the pastel thing is to

So the pastel thing is to turn your baby into an accessory?!

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I understand that she is very

I understand that she is very lovely to talk with as well as being a great designer. That pattern is quite nice and the turquoise yarn will be very effective for it. [Of course, I like Trekking yarn, so I may be a bit biased.] Congrats on the new grandbaby.

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That's a wonderful color. I

That's a wonderful color. I really like seeing projects that are in the first few rows. They all look remarkably the same...chaotic, but when they begin to grow in their own form, it's a very gratifying experience. It will be nice to see photos as you progress. CONGRATULATION Grandpa!

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Congratulations, Granddaddy!
I love Anne Hansen's designs!