Productive Weekend - Updated final photos

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Good Afternoon All,

Took friday off. Edged, trimmed and cut the lawn. Two coats of primer on the guest room walls. Cooked supper then soaked in a hot bath then watched a movie with my wife and son. Sat, back flushed the pool, took my son's car for 30,000 mile service and new tires. Painted the guest room ceiling an put the finished color on the wall. cooked supper, soaked in a hot bath watched the Olympics and finished knitting the fibre trends lace wrap. Sun we went to church, shopped and bought for new beds for the guest room, hung the new curtains. Washed the finished wrapped and blocked it. Its drying and I'll be cooking supper shortly. I hope another long hot bath is on the schedule after a late evening dip in the pool. Here are pics of the Easy Lace Wrap from Fibre Trends.


Off the blocks and dried.

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Lovely piece

Lovely piece

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You made me tired just

You made me tired just reading but doesn't it feel good to get stuff done?! I'm blown away by your lace! That's my favorite kind of lace - simple, elegant and above all not fussy. Love it!

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Very lovely piece of

Very lovely piece of lacework. After the busy weekend you had, I hope you got a chance to really relax.

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Maybe an "easy" lace wrap but

Maybe an "easy" lace wrap but no small amount of work! It looks great.

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You are a busy man! The wrap

You are a busy man! The wrap is beautiful. I wonder if you worked with washable yarn, you could knit in the hot tub! Okay, maybe not. LOL. I am a huge fan of hot tubs. My next home will have a nice Jacuzzi and a pool and hopefully a mountain view in the desert around Palm Springs. I'll invite you to come soak with us. Bring the knitting needles.


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I'm exhausted just reading

I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!
...but the lace is beautiful!