My First Hat

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I decided to take up knitting and wanted to start slow, and although I have bought Stephen Wests Old Forge to make, I decided to make a few things like kids toys etc. However I thought enough of the kids things, and made this, my first ever hat. I thought whilst I was knitting it it would never turn into a hat as it seemed to be odd shaped and not at all something that would finish up as a hat, but it did. I admit, I am quite proud of it.

Small moves...

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Nice work, looks good.

Nice work, looks good.

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New Blog started:

New Blog started:


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fantastic, it looks great

fantastic, it looks great

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Have to agree....WAY better

Have to agree....WAY better than my first hat!!

Nice hat !! I have never

Nice hat !! I have never been able to get the spoon to stick.

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Very nice looking hat. Lots

Very nice looking hat. Lots of texture but a good fit. Congratulations.

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The hat looks terrific...but

The hat looks terrific...but I hardly recognized you without the spoon on your nose!

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Knitting hats is weird

Knitting hats is weird especially when knitting them bottom up. It's amazing how quickly they close up when you start the decreases. Top down looks like you're making a hat the whole time and moves along really quickly at the beginning but then slows down and you have that blasted bind off to look forward to. Which ever way you went, you did a good job and it looks great on you!

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WAY better than my first hat!

WAY better than my first hat!

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It is a great hat and I like

It is a great hat and I like how it covers the ears. The colour suits you so well. What kind of yarn did you use and where did you find the pattern?