My bedspread is finished!!!

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I just finished making my bedspread last night. You can see all the notes about the progress in my Ravelry page. It took 6 years to complete. I'm very happy with the results. Whew! it's good to be done with it. Now what will I start on I wonder? :-)

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What an inspiration! If

What an inspiration! If there were such a thing as a Tenacity Award for Needleworkers, you would walk away with the trophy. Absolutely amazing.

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Absolutely spectacular!

Absolutely spectacular!

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My mistake, I thought it was

My mistake, I thought it was knit - I honestly couldn't tell from the picture. I like the idea of making squares and attaching them as you go. It's really beautiful.

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That is a wonderful piece of

That is a wonderful piece of crochet, Jim. Very well deserved congratulations on finishing it. Doubly so because I would've been ripping out what little hair I have left after just a few of the bobbles were done. [I dislike bobbles, nupps, etc.] Enjoy it very definitely deserve to.

WOW. An amazing piece of work

WOW. An amazing piece of work and a true heirloom. Congratulations.

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What an awesome project. You

What an awesome project. You should be very proud.


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Great Work.

Great Work.

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Ack! PIECED! I would never

Ack! PIECED! I would never ever have been able to finish.

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Thanks for the compliments,

Thanks for the compliments, guys. It really wasn't a chore to do. It was the perfect to-go project because I could crochet a square anywhere at all, and bring it home and attach it to the spread. The toughest part was doing 2,488 little knots on the fringe when the whole thing was made. Sooooo boring!!!
My Ravelry name is JesterTwin.
Here's a link to the page. Hope it works here:

I also have a knitted lace shawl that is almost finished. Another month should do it. It's called Thistle and Fern. When it's all bunched up on the needles, it's not much to look at.

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Ah heirloom is born! Simply a

Ah heirloom is born! Simply a work of art. It's nice to see that kind of craftsmanship and dedication to the fiber arts. I'm inspired!

What is your Ravelry name?


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That is truly beautiful.

That is truly beautiful. Congratulations. I admire your work.

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HEIRLOOM ! ...that's a

...that's a treasure!

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Unbelievable!!!!! It looks

Unbelievable!!!!! It looks like it was knit all in one piece - was it? I can't imagine the weight of it while working on it. Was it really awkard to work with? This would not have been a good travel project. It's gorgeous though, I love the pattern and the color. Traditional with a twist. Beautiful work!

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Simply awesome.

Simply awesome.

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What a beautiful bedspread, a

What a beautiful bedspread, a testament to your patience and love of craft. Congratulations Jim.

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Gorgeous bedspread!

Gorgeous bedspread! Definitely worth the time and effort =)

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That is amazing work!

That is amazing work! Absolutely beautiful!

What would kill me is the repetitiveness of it all. I could do a couple of the squares, and then get really bored with it. To have the stamina to continue working on this for SIX years requires determination that I lack.

What?? You mean to say you don't have another project going at the same time as this? Goodness --- how can one be so monogamous??