Hello again!

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Hope everyone is well....Haven't been doing much knitting lately except for making these iPad and Kindle cases for friends and buyers. I've been looking to get into some more alternative fun and original stuff. I want to make a men's tank top. I haven't found a pattern for just the shape. I wanted to do a diamond mesh lace. I knit a swatch from a pattern I found with the lightest weight yarn I had. I'm thinking I'm gonna a light weight cotton to get the weight of the tank the way I'd like it. I may just do the bust area as in the lace pattern and do something a little bit more solid for below the chest. Any suggestions or feedback?

Glad to be back,

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You know, a few months ago,

You know, a few months ago, my nephew mentioned to me about making a knitted beater. Although he was joking, it made a lot of sense to me. So I looked around online but couldn't find a pattern. for the beater or t-shirt. You might have to alter a vest pattern.
good luck on your search.
PS. If you do knit it, I'm dying to see it.

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I love the iPad cover! I've

I love the iPad cover! I've done similar projects for iPods, etc. If you're looking for a project you can bang out in about a minute and a half, iPod covers are great.

Happy knitting!


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Nice pattern! Re cotton and

Nice pattern!

Re cotton and lace - I was thinking of doing some sort of "summer scarf" (there's a name for this but my brain is farting) out of thin cotton. But I wondered about blocking it - does cotton block well? Will it hold its form or will it get distorted? If it stretches out some, no problem, but I was wondering more if the lace pattern itself would slip/distort with time. Anybody done it?

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In my experience cotton

In my experience cotton blocks well; but it does tend to stretch out if not heavily blocked to begin with.

it also tends to "snap back" when it is washed.

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There is a men's t in a mesh

There is a men's t in a mesh lace pattern out there somewhere - was it on Knitty? I forget. I downloaded the pattern but it wasn't sized large enough for me - plus I have doubts if I should wear a mesh T!

I'll try to find it.

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aha! it was on the old

aha! it was on the old menknit site

Mens knit #1

The lover tank by Sarah Briscoe


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Very cool! Thanks for taking

Very cool! Thanks for taking the time to find it. It actually looks a lot like the mesh pattern i was working with. I'm making it for a friend. I still would like to do something a little different than just the whole tank in mesh.

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This pattern is based on a

This pattern is based on a multiple of six x 8 rows;

So you could do a larger pattern say 12 x 16

and keep the same numbers.

a sample chart posted soon

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Or do the rib up to the

Or do the rib up to the begining of the armhole shaping and swap to the lace there...

Or vertical stripes of the lace and stocking stitch.

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Welcome back, Edwin. I have

Welcome back, Edwin.
I have also made Kindle Fire covers and find them to be fast and easy to make. Here is a link to the one I designed.
Kindle Fire Sock