Going stir crazy

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Don't you hate it when you COULD be knitting?

I'm fortunate to have a job where there are times I can knit, but today i forgot my knitting bag at home, so I'm not able to indulge. Worse yet, I'm trying to finish an item for a baby shower to be held day after tomorrow. Frustrating. At least I'm having a lovely lunch of General Tso's Chicken.

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Well, I made up for it

Well, I made up for it yesterday. I was in an all-day training session and finished a baby sleeper I was making for a colleague. Had lots of nice questions and comments during the breaks. Knitting is a good conversation starter isn't it?

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What you need is a small

What you need is a small knitting project that you keep at work. It is your Emergency Knitting. It is only at work, it is there for when you need that stress relief. And it always comes in handy when you forget your knitting at home.

But how can you do that?? I mean, you just always pick up your knitting. You can forget your car keys, your security pass, your pants... but your knitting??

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I like that idea. I used to

I like that idea. I used to keep a project at school when I had the knitting club. I was not able to knit during working hours, but I could after school during club time, so I kept something here to work on because it was easy to forget that it's knitting club day.

And you're right, I normally grab my lunch bag and my knitting every day when I leave for work, but my son wanted to leave early that day so I rushed out and left it. Fortunately, I can't get very far without the car keys and the security pass is in my lunch bag. Haven't forgotten the pants yet. :-)

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I think knitting should be

I think knitting should be allowed at work as a stress relief. I someone can go out and smoke, then I should be able to take my knitting outside for just as long.

We should stand up for knitter's equality.

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I almost feel panicky if I'm

I almost feel panicky if I'm someplace with nothing to do and no knitting. On long driving trips I've made Ralf turn around and go back so I can grab something to knit.

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Yes! I think about knitting

Yes! I think about knitting all the time at work whether it's about my current WIP or another idea in my head. It just makes the day that much longer when all you want to do is go home and knit.

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Bit of both I guess Mario,

Bit of both I guess Mario, but it gave me a chance to use my nice stainless steel chopsticks. :-)

Interesting concept in frozen dinners, it comes in a little box like Chinese takeaway. You leave the cello wrap on it and heat in the microwave and it steams the food. Not bad actually.

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I think I've seen that brand.

I think I've seen that brand. Haven't tried it yet.

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sit crazy or stir-fry

sit crazy or stir-fry crazy?

(ducking and running)