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Hello, all!

In my last post I alluded to a blanket that I was working on- the Cerys Baby Blanket on Ravelry, which I am resizing to be an adult-sized blanket. It is currently being worked on size 6 (not 8, my mistake) needles, and is just about 3.25' in diameter, if my calculations are correct.

The blanket is mitred and worked in the round, so the full size cannot be seen in the pictures, but it's definitely taking shape! Love this pattern, it is very simple, and I recommend it to anyone looking to make their first blanket.

Hope you like it!


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Awsome!!!!! You have to take

Awsome!!!!! You have to take a pict of it finished and intalled. Use it as a spread and make shams to match and a striped bed skirt too. I can see it!!!!

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Hahaha I might just have to

Hahaha I might just have to send them to you! Sounds like you enjoy the pattern- you should look it up on Ravelry =) It's called the Cerys Baby Blankie, and is the easiest thing in the world to modify.

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Quite lovely knitting, Joe.

Quite lovely knitting, Joe. As for blocking...those synthetics usually self block when dried in a warm dryer. Your skein band should give that information. I also do a similar square afghan, using a variation seed stitch where I make my increases as part of the knit, purl row.

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Oooo I bet a mitred blanket

Oooo I bet a mitred blanket would look lovely in seed stitch! Any pictures?

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Unfortunately, no. I have

Unfortunately, no. I have given the afghans away and have yet to master photography and inserting the pictures on the internet. I use public computers [by choice] and am investigating options.

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My favourite type of shawl or

My favourite type of shawl or blanket. I really like your version.

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The yarn is, unfortunately,

The yarn is, unfortunately, synthetic. The green is Red Heart Light Jade, the white is Caron One Pound Off White. Really not terrible yarn to work with, but blocking might be a little bit of a bitch =/

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Yeah, but that's ok. It

Yeah, but that's ok. It means that it's nice and machine washable. I actually prefer synthetics or a synthetic blend like wool ease for blanket, because I have two kitties and they don't like to keep their hair to themselves.

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Haha cats typically don't

Haha cats typically don't =P

Thanks, though. I'm looking forward to finishing this project (for many reasons), and can't wait to enjoy the blanket =)

I usually don't like working with solely synthetic fibers. I would have loved to have used something with at least a little cotton or wool, but these were the colors I liked together, so who knows? It's in fate's hands now haha

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Very handsome,"s

Very handsome,"s going to take a while to get that to adult size...(grin)

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It looks very nice! What's

It looks very nice! What's the yarn?