Birthday sweater

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Just finished a sweater for my brother's birthday coming up in June. Not only will he not wear it anytime soon, it's a long shot he'll wear it at all since we live in Arizona. Anyway, thought I'd share.

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Nice sweater. I'm just a

Nice sweater. I'm just a beginner but my goal is to learn to make sweaters and hats. I've just moved to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago. Are there any men's knitting groups in this area? I'm in the NorthWest Valley section. Thanks

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Love that pattern! And

Love that pattern! And beautifully knitted.

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Flagstaff in January or even

Flagstaff in January or even better the Grand Canyon at Christmas! Great sweater, I may have to find the pattern and add it to my queue.

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Thanks everyone. The pattern

Thanks everyone. The pattern is called Crossroads Pullover by Hélène Rush. I knit this up in Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool.

I especially like the approach. You start at the bottom of one sleeve, knit up the sleeve, across the front/back in the round, and then down the other sleeve. Then, you pick up stitches along the bottom edge to knit down the front/back in the round.

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That is very nice. I hope he

That is very nice. I hope he enjoys it.

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That's a great looking

That's a great looking sweater. I am looking for a pattern that uses chunky or super chunky yarn so I can wear it without a coat while hiking in winter and cool fall and spring days too. Is there a name to the pattern?

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Beautiful work!

Beautiful work!

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Beautifully done! Wonderfully

Beautifully done! Wonderfully executed! Even in Arizona, it does get cool sometimes. He'll wear it.

Is this from a pattern somewhere? Nice design, simple, clean, still stylish.

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Beautiful! gets chilly

Beautiful! gets chilly in Arizona, occasionally....