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From AKQGuy

I got a surprise birthday present (a bit early) on Thursday. As yo can see, I found time to use it before posting anything about it. I had to really, so I could let you all know that it's a wonderful little wheel. Smooth and quiet to treadle. I had to play with some ratios since I've gotten use to my Kiwi, but very nice.

From AKQGuy

And yes, I now have two wheels. I'm going to look into converting one for bulkier yarns, or maybe lace weights.

And since this one packs up oh so nicely, I think it may come to the rocky mountain retreat with me. Yesterday I sat with another local spinner for some tips and tricks and discovered that I can in fact spin and converse with others which opens up the world of spinning for me. I see my little Sidekick going to all kinds of events with me now.

Have a great weekend everyone,


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I love that wheel! I spun on

I love that wheel! I spun on someone's Sidekick at my spinning guild when we had Roc day. It is a very stable and balanced wheel.
Happy Birthday!

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I'm just glad you tried it

I'm just glad you tried it out before posting; would hate to see a naked spindle hanging out there....it could scar the poor wheel's psyche .....

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looks like fun. happy

looks like fun. happy birthday pisces!

while i can't get into spinning myself right now, i would love to be able to easily ply or respin yarn for more appropriate yarn to work with on my projects.

have fun!

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Happy belated birthday. I

Happy belated birthday. I haven't quite got to that point but I think in the near future I'm going to start spinning. Lovely wheel

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The Sidekick is just to darn

The Sidekick is just to darn cute for words. It makes me want to get one even though I have sworn off another obsessive fiber hobby.

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Happy Birthday indeed, this

Happy Birthday indeed, this is one of my favorite wheels, as a replacment or as a second wheel.

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Very nice wheel

Very nice wheel

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It's darling! Have you named

It's darling! Have you named it? Happy B-day!!!

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Happy Birthday! (whenever it

Happy Birthday!
(whenever it is...LOL)

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What a sweet looking wheel,

What a sweet looking wheel, Quinton. I remember that you were quite interested in that model when we toured the Schacht factory last year. What a great - if early - birthday present. Enjoy!