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Just for a larf. :)

From Knittin'


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Go Gramma! *grin* can't you

Go Gramma!

*grin* can't you just see people on Ravelry dissecting the bank video footage? Argueing over the stitches, and yarn used?

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Actually they were arguing

Actually they were arguing about the way Grandma was holding her needles. :) I thought it was just a cartoon by someone who didn't actually know anything about needles. Another person said no, it's an older style still used in England where the working needle is held like a pencil. In the end, we'll probably never know. I can deal with it. ;)

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it might be true, false, or

it might be true, false, or an artistic convention.

just the other night i saw a short animation from 1951 "georgie and the dragon" where all the mother did was knit ( and FAST ), holding the needles like this.

As an aside to knitting in the movies - i remembered seeing the older woman in "Willie Wonka and and the Chocolate Factory" ( 1971) knitting stockings in bed.

None of the knitters I know

None of the knitters I know in England hold their needles like that. It looks most awkward.

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Xa Xa Xa .....

Xa Xa Xa .....