Quick Finish - Scrabble Bag

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The Scrabble Bag was a quick knit but an enjoyable one. In addition to the cable fun, is the i-cord. It was much easier to make than I thought it would be and I think it turned out pretty well. The cabling is on both sides. I think I will make another one using some entrelac stitching and put a Scrabble tile on each side. But, for now, this is in the mail and Mom will have something other than an old worn out plastic bag.

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Very nice. I am sure mom will

Very nice. I am sure mom will love it.

do you knit or crochet the I-string?

It's great as is - but adding a strandwork tile sounds like a fun idea!

we always loved scrabble ( i live in the neighborhood where it was invented, and grew up the next town over from where it was manufactured...), but i liked their other game 'Anagrams' even better - no board, just tiles.

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I knitted the i-cord. It's

I knitted the i-cord. It's just four stitches and worked up very fast. How cool that you live where Scrabble was invented. I still think it is one of the best games ever developed. My son and I have been playing since he was 9...he's 29 now. Every Saturday night he visits for dinner and Scrabble. I haven't played the Anagrams game. I just now watched a video on it, and it looks interesting.


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Very cool. What kind of board

Very cool. What kind of board do have - maybe it needs a matching bag. We have the plactic delux one with the swivel platform (that doesn't really work) and the embossed grid thing that keeps the tiles in place. The card board box is on it's last leg and I love the idea of knitting a flapped sack for it. It does go on vacation with us....

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Hi Scott, We have the same

Hi Scott,
We have the same board as you do I think. Our swivel works well, thankfully. Ours lives at home, so it doesn't get beat up by travel stress. My son and I play every Saturday night. I introduced him to the game when he was 9 years old and he has been hooked ever since. We used to play much more when he lived at home with us, but I am happy that I get him once a week....just to show him who's boss...when he lets me. LOL

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Very nice, Mark. Really

Very nice, Mark. Really making me want to knit one. Maybe after this current pair of socks.

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Thanks Joe. It's fun to make

Thanks Joe. It's fun to make things that are utilitarian as I am finding. I recently made two long table runners at my wife's request. Nothing special, just garter stitch around the edges and stockinette stitch in the center. It's nice to see my work around the house. I have yet to brave a pair of socks as I am still using my cheapo socks from Costco. I'm working my way down to sock yarn. This yarn is the closest I have come so far and it was fun.

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Even that weight yarn would

Even that weight yarn would make a nice pair of socks. I'd recommend a size US 4 or 5 needle for it. The big plus is being able to see what the stitches are doing and how the sock comes together before downsizing to "toothpicks and string" [as a friend says].

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Great analogy. Thanks for the

Great analogy. Thanks for the advice.

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Looks great Mark. I like the

Looks great Mark. I like the i-Cord on that, looks better than just a piece of string or something. Good color combination too.

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Thanks. I liked the way the

Thanks. I liked the way the i-cord turned out as well. I had the yarn left over from another project and it seemed a good contrast for the grey.