The Sherpa

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I've made this hat before in wool but I someone ask me if I could make one in something other then wool and this recycled silk came to mind. This yarn is really beautiful but really hard to knit with. The Sherpa was the perfect project for it, not much purling, it looks really apropriate and it's really comfortable and cozy.


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Really nice looking hat,

Really nice looking hat, Scott. Too bad the yarn was such a certainly is beautiful.

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Where did you get the

Where did you get the pattern?

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Here's the pattern. Basic

Here's the pattern.
Basic Earflap Hat

It's one of my favorites - very basic and you can probably put one together in a couple nights. You will need to block in order to get the ear flaps flat. The only thing different that I do is use the backward loop method of casting on when you start the hat section and incorporate the ear flaps. I think she uses the cable method - it just didn't work as well for me.

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Thanks!! Regular hats always

Thanks!! Regular hats always leave my ears cold when I am in Canada.

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Beautiful. Why is it hard to

Beautiful. Why is it hard to knit with? I've never knit with silk before.

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This particular silk is made

This particular silk is made from the offall threads in the sari factories in Nepal. I think the men sweep it up and take it home and their wives spin it or maybe it's the other way around. These people are not professional spinners or maybe they want it all lumby and gritty - who knows. Anyway, it goes thick to thin randomly,it's kind of stiff, it's really hairy and only marginally clean. It will sometimes break in the middle of a stitch - not so much break as seperate. I am not one of those knitters that find purling hard except with this stuff. It's really beautiful and it does soften up when soaked but I haven't found a lot of projects that it will work for.

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ah, I've heard of "sari

ah, I've heard of "sari silk," but never really knew what it was. Thanks for the information! I'll have to try it sometime.

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Gorgeous hat. You are

Gorgeous hat. You are turning out projects like a machine.

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It just looks that way at the

It just looks that way at the moment. I usually have a few things going at once and for some reason several finished up at around the same time.

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Love the colour! ...but I've

Love the colour!
...but I've always found that yarn scratchy...must look for it again...

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I've found that is softens up

I've found that is softens up a great deal when soaked for blocking.