Hiking in wool

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Cold weather brings out the best in wool, don't you think? It was a beautiful, sunny 30-degree day here in Chicagoland. The critters in the forest that were foraging for food, stopped and applauded my knitting prowess! LOL.
Stay warm.

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You look warm and cozy up in

You look warm and cozy up in Chicagoland but I can't help but think "Better you than us" - the sun is sitting here in St. Louis and it's 62°.

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Wow, you've got a lot of snow

Wow, you've got a lot of snow way down there! We have practically nothing at all around here. Odd.

Yes, now that you got a new hip, you need to make some use of it and keep it limber!

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And the added bonus is that

And the added bonus is that you knit it. Looks great.

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Looks toasty and warm

Looks toasty and warm alright.

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I admire your knitting

I admire your knitting prowess, too. Your work is beautiful and I always think more so when it is useful. However, I also admire you for hiking through the woods after your hip replacement. Does this mean that everything is better?