A new scarf...

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A new scarf for the hundreds (!!!) of remaining winter months !! :-)

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Really beautiful! I love

Really beautiful! I love it.

Must confess though, we had over 60 degrees and sunshine today. Colorado, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.

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Wonderful cable work with

Wonderful cable work with that braid, and for a variegated yarn, I really like that color play. Great Job.

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Thanks... :-) Have a nice

Thanks... :-) Have a nice sunday !

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Great looking scarf...the

Great looking scarf...the colors are really deep and rich looking. I am especially fond of doing cables, so I appreciate how well yours are done.

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Very nice looking scarf! I

Very nice looking scarf! I really like the colors. What yarn did you use?

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That is a very good looking

That is a very good looking scarf.

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Great looking scarf. Like

Great looking scarf. Like the color changes and the cable if just terrific.