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I have heard much about Signature Needles and would like to ask you guys your opinions. I am interested in a set of 5 sock needles and realize I have a choice of length and also of the type of point. Have you used them? Do you know anyone who has?
OR - what kind of needles do you use. I have tried 3 different kinds of wooden needles and do not like them.


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A friend's set of Signatures

A friend's set of Signatures seemed a bit heavy to me, even though the tips looked nice and sharp. Perhaps having a longer length would help offset that. Her pair of Blackthorn's looked quite lovely, though. But so do the Hiya Hiya's I've looked at. I guess I'll stick to my current sets and leave well enough alone. Good luck with the search.

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No, deserve a

No, deserve a treat!
If you use tiny needles...try Blackthornes...
If not..try ChiaoGoo or HiyaHiya...
You'll love them!

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the enabl...err.....encouragement, Bill. There is a sale at one of the LYSs on HiyaHiya needles right now. They are only 5 inches long, though, and I'm used to slightly longer needles when I knit because of the way I handle them. I'm considering a set in 2.75mm since my other "size 2" sets are 3.0mm. The only needles I have otherwise in 2.75mm are a long circular, requiring Magic Loop to knit socks.

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JUst to give you my two cents

JUst to give you my two cents worth. I have signature DPNs and I like them a lot. I like them mostly because I tend to be rough on needles. US 1 I use them a lot to make socks. Now for most of my other DPN work I use bamboo and they work fantastic. SOme of my bamboo needles have a bent, but they are hard to break. The blackthorns are nice but I have not try them yet. If your hands sweat , bamboo won't work for you. Some nickle plated needles get discolored due to the interaction with your body chemistry. There are lots of choices, but as they said before it is mostly your personal feeling and your budget.

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Thanks, Andy. I knit an

Thanks, Andy. I knit an awful number of socks a year so maybe they are worth the investment. And you're right it is all personal, but great to hear the opinions of others.

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There are many different

There are many different kinds of needles because there are many different kinds of knitters. I have used wooden, bamboo, cellulose, aluminium, plastic, steel , nickel-plated and those coated metal ones too. They all work -- in the right hands. They all have a characteristic and personality. I have many different types of needles, and one of them is good for whatever current work I am doing.

Someone said they don't like wooden ones, but won't explain why. There needs to be a reason. I loved the wooden ones, and even those that I made myself. They are not suitable for all types of yarn, that is a given. No needles are perfect. If you have a really slick yarn like reeled silk, then you definitely want to have wooden needles! And a rough cotton might be better on a slick nickel-coated needles.

It also depends on how tight you make your stitches. If you have trouble sliding your stitches along the needle, it might not be the fault of the needles but of the knitter! I've worked with some people that were so tight that I couldn't move those stitches!! And yet others were so loose that if picked up the knitting, the needles all fell out! You want to find a happy medium somewhere in between those extremes.

Which needles are best for you? For socks? That is something YOU need to decide. YOU need to try them all, and see what YOU like. It depends on what kind of yarn YOU are using at the time, and how firm a knitter YOU are. No one is able to tell you which needles are best for YOU. Only YOU can do that.

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Well said.

Well said.

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I, too, have worked with all

I, too, have worked with all those types of needles and that is why I know which kinds I like and which kinds I don't like. I was asking about Signature because I have not worked with them.
I disagree that we should be finding a happy medium between knitting loosely and knitting tightly. I believe we should all be able to knit the way we wish to.

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Love My signatures in the

Love My signatures in the stiletto tip. Wish they had more sizes.

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Thanks, Kevin. I wish I knew

Thanks, Kevin. I wish I knew someone who had them so I could give them a try. Maybe it is worth the $55 to see what they are all about.

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Rosewood DPN's are my needle

Rosewood DPN's are my needle of choice for socks. They are lightweight and although I have never used Signitures, it sounds like they are similar. They are handmade and polished and the yarn slides nice but they grip well when they need to as well.

They are a little pricey, but I just saw them today on almost 1/2 price! Reg. $24.99 on sale for $12.99 for a set of 5 DPN's. They come in 6" #3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 10.5, 13, 15 and 8" #2 & 3.

I simply love knitting with rosewood needles. They are a luxury.

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The Signature needles are

The Signature needles are beautiful and I like the stiletto points a lot but they are way beyond my budget. My favorite DPNs are Susan Bates Quicksilver - which is their premium brand. I also have the Quicksilver straight needles and love them! They are hard to locate but can be purchased at Knitting Warehouse (which I highly recommend for quick, reliable service):

They only come in 7” lengths and sizes US 1 to 10.5 and there are only 4 needles but they are just great for my style of knitting and they only cost $3.45 a set. Clearly not for eveyrone but I urge people to give them a try.

They are anodized which keeps the stitches from slipping off too easily but there is no drag on the wool while knitting. The points are sharp, which is my preference. I knit a pair of socks at least once a month and these are my go-to needles, although I also use stainless steel sets for smaller sizes and bamboo when traveling.

Be sure to let us know what you decide!

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Thanks, Brian. I have some

Thanks, Brian. I have some of the Quicksilver ( I bought two sets so I would have five needles) and although I like them they are not as fast as the nickel plated ones. I will go back to them if I can't find anything else. I am leaning toward the Hiya Hiya and/or the Blackthorns. I really wish I liked wooden needles because there is such a vast variety of them on the market.

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I know folks who swear by

I know folks who swear by Signature needles for DPN work - I have a set and love love LOVE them as well... they're slippery when you need 'em to be and grip stitches when it's necessary. They are sold individually so if one is lost (gasp!) they can be bought singly. Definately worth the price but as with anything like this I'd suggest purchasing one set (perhaps in a size you use often) and give them a try. Needles work differently for different people and for different projects... and I'm happy that they're a part of my needle arsenal!

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I own Signatures and they are

I own Signatures and they are definately a great needle, but at the same time I bought a set of nickel plated DPN's from Knit Picks and considering they are much more reasonably priced, they are also a great choice. I bought bamboo and definately can not adjust to a wooden needle. Somebody mentioned the yarn sticking and that is my problem with them also. I use the wooden needles for stitch holders with the protective tips.

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I have knitted a few stitches

I have knitted a few stitches on Signatures (tried those of a friend--don't own any myself). They were nice, but I still prefer my Blackthorns for sock knitting. Yes, the Blackthorns are expensive, too, but I love them. As a loose knitter, the Signatures don't come small enough (I believe the smallest size is 1?). My go-to needles for socks are 00's or 000's, so the Signatures aren't even a possibility for me.

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Thanks, James. I am going to

Thanks, James. I am going to look into the Blackthorns. Their ad says they feel like wood and does that mean that the stitches stick to them?

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Bill described it

Bill described it beautifully. A bit stickier than nickel and slicker than wood. They are also warm in your hand. Speed never seems to be an issue for me . . . I can knit as fast with them as with anything. And yes . . . indestructible! They're also very sharp. Chris has recently added a true size 1 . . . previously, 1 was really a 1.5. And being able to get them in variety of lengths is nice, too.

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The Blackthornes are just a

The Blackthornes are just a tiny bit stickier than metal...but much slicker than wood. Their best quality is their strength in the small sizes. They are almost unbreakable in tiny sizes...don't bend like metal ones do. They are not really black, but a satin black yarn shows contrast against them.

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I haven't used the

I haven't used the signature's, but hear they're very nice. I have some of th Knitpicks nickel plated, and love those. They have really nice sharp tips for a reasonable price. I also like their harmony wood dpn's as well. I've tried the Chiao Goo's and Hiya Hiya's before too and though they're nice. They're not as pointy as I would like, but that's a personal preference.
Here's what knitter's review had to say about them:

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My favourite are nickel

My favourite are nickel plated, however, Knitpicks do not have them in 8" lengths. I am using Inox now but can't find them anywhere and one has developed a spur.

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I have a set of the Signature

I have a set of the Signature needles and have used them for socks. I love them. Wish they weren't so expensive.

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Maybe they are worth the

Maybe they are worth the bucks.

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I prefer ChiaoGoo or Hiya

I prefer ChiaoGoo or Hiya Hiya stainless steel needles. Both companies have ravelry groups.

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Thanks Bill. The Hiya Hiya

Thanks Bill. The Hiya Hiya stainless steel dpn's look interesting.

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I have started to use the

I have started to use the Hiya Hiya circs and know they have two different tip options. I love their lace tips that are very sharp. I wonder if you can get the dpn's with that tip as well? It may be a more affordable option. I played with a set of a friends signatures in the stiletto tip and though they were wonderful, they weren't $30.00+ a set wonderful

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Yes! HiyaHiya Sharp double

Yes! HiyaHiya Sharp double points are available in 6” lengths in sizes 2-8US/2.75-5mm. Other sizes are planned and will be arriving later this year.

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Bill, you're a weatlth of

Bill, you're a weatlth of information. Thank you.

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Now $55 for a set of 5!!

Now $55 for a set of 5!! Thanks for your input.

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Ouch... I found this through

Ouch... I found this through
$8.00 for a set of 5 6" #2's.