Warren MacNeil - Man Knitter

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This evening I came to the place of knitting the heel flap on the socks I'm knitting. I decided I was too tired to start it so I passed some time looking through Google. I came across this YouTube video about a man knitter in the US. I enjoyed it a lot and wanted to share it with others. I think that Warren is a great representative for us guy knitters. Have a look and enjoy!



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Thanks Jesse, Truly

Thanks Jesse, Truly inspiring...Loved it!! Bill

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Interesting video, thanks

Interesting video, thanks Jesse.

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Jesse, this is a great video!

Jesse, this is a great video! Thanks so much for posting it.


Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for posting this. Really inspiring. BTW, youtube suggested another video when I went to yours. It's humorous and inspiring, too. For everyone who understands Dutch, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxN1l0ybRYs&feature=related. The name of the video is especially funny for me, since that is the sentence I was taught to understand cases in German and Russian.

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I like that one. Didn't

I like that one. Didn't understand a word they were saying, but it was cool to watch a bunch of guys having pizza and beer and knitting together.

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That's a good video, too!

That's a good video, too! Thanks for sharing it. What were they chanting at the end? I supposed it was some sort of mantra about how to do a basic knit stitch.

Precisely! I don't remember

Precisely! I don't remember it, but I was taught to recite probably the same rhyme when I learned to knit back in the day. I was put in that class because my Dutch was so poor, but the knitting (and sewing) didn't help much with the language.

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Maybe one of our

Maybe one of our Dutch-speaking members can tell us!

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Thanks, Jesse. That is a

Thanks, Jesse. That is a great video.

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That is a very nice video.

That is a very nice video. Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome video! Thanks for

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing! :D