Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

i am so glad to find you and share the same interest of knitting. My name is Kostas, i am Greek but the last 3 years i live in France. I started knitting when i was a little boy but i had stopped for a long time. Unfortunately knitting a man in Greece was a big taboo. The last year i started again my favorite hobby and i can tell you that today i manage to do lovely scarfs, small pullovers and some other small things.

With this first blog entry i want to say hello to everyone.


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Welcome Kostas. You will

Welcome Kostas. You will love this group. It's the best if you're a guy and you knit. I'm very curious about how they knit in Greece. What is the traditional method of knitting there?

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Welcome, Kostas. We are a

Welcome, Kostas. We are a great community of knitters and I'm glad you joined us. Good for you to take up knitting again rather than stop doing something you enjoy because other people didn't approve. Take care.

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Welcome to MWK, and good luck

Welcome to MWK, and good luck with your knitting.

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I'm new to MWK too, but from

I'm new to MWK too, but from one newbie to another, welcome!

I love knitting and it's

I love knitting and it's really fun and of course i make progress by making lots of things. When i said unfortunetly i was meaning that "unfortunately i had to stop knitting when i was in Greece". Actually the English are the best in knitting. By searching on the internet i can found lots of things, information etc.

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Welcome to MWK!

Welcome to MWK!

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I am glad you found us.

I am glad you found us. Knitting in the closet is sometimes safer - unfortunately. It sounds like you are making good progress and isn't it all fun? Good luck and welcome.